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where Passion & Innovation meet

  • About Walktrack Uganda
    Walktrack Uganda is a tech start-up & social enterprise based in Lira.
  • Our Advantage
    Our core competence is tech innovation, incubation & mentorship.
  • Our Vision
    To impact lives positively using ICT.

"Do Work That Matters. The World Needs You."

Edu Resources

Apart from our opensource web portal, we also provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Young & Vibrant

We are all of the digital era and we believe technology is way to go.

Forward Looking

We want to work on projects that most consider undoable & leave huge impact

Passion for Tech

Our passion in technology is legendary, and have a long track record.

Robotics Education

Specialised classes in Arduino Robotics

Web Programming

World class web applications & support.

Walktrack Edu Platform

Free Open source educational resources.

Walktrack Innovation Hub

We look to open an "innovation hub"

ICT Mentorship

We want to create tomorrow's tech leaders.

OpenSource Projects

We have a strong opensoure mentality.

Walktrack Team

"The mind is everything. What you think, you become." - Buddha

All (

Picture Gallery

Collected overy the years

Walktrack Outreach

We want to groom Uganda's next Tech Leaders.

Our partners

Strategic Partnerships are vital for projects to run successfully, & we are happy to have them with us